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Hi! My name is Shelly.

I am an ecologist, freelance writer, travel aficionado, nature lover, adventure enthusiast, occasional salsa dancer and perpetual sun seeker.

Having traversed the world from Europe to Australia and back three times before my fifth birthday, I blame my lifelong addiction to travel entirely on my brilliant parents. In fact, the only two things I pursue with more fervent enthusiasm than the opportunity to travel are opportunities to encounter wildlife and to swim in beautiful locations. Thankfully, the best nature and bathing adventures usually entail a good spot of travelling as well.

In an attempt to combine these interests (errr… distractions?) with some kind of useful vocational training, I undertook a degree in zoology; the perfect career choice for those who like to travel to exotic locations and cuddle wild animals (provided they can handle being dirty, smelly, cold, wet and mosquito bitten while doing these things).

After very quickly realising the temporal constraints imposed by full-time employment, however, I decided to continue studying, eventually completing a PhD in wildlife ecology (becoming highly educated is without a doubt the single best way to avoid full-time employment without disappointing your parents, becoming a social pariah, or being labelled a lazy, dole bludger).

Today, in between cavorting the globe and continuing to feed my wayfaring addictions, I also moonlight as an academic, and have been known to dabble in the odd bit of scientific research on wildlife disease ecology, some of which gets read occasionally (I hope).

About the Travel Affair

For as long as I can remember, I have penned my wonder (horror, amusement, and any other emotion) at the world around me on the written page. When I first set out travelling as a young teenager, this activity actually required a pen and paper. But soon enough I progressed to mass dissemination of my travel tales via gigantic group emails to family and friends, and other unfortunate people whose emails I happened to have.

Then, three years ago, I left Australia’s golden shores for a new job and a new life in England. A friend subtly suggested that a blog would be a better place to stockpile my penmanship than his inbox, and a far more efficient means of broadcasting all the emotions I would no doubt experience on this new adventure.

The Travel Affair is that blog. I hope you enjoy it!

What else can I do for you?

* Write copy (reviews, articles, features) for your website

* Edit your writing / web copy (Scientific and non-scientific editing. I am an editor with the Edanz Group)

* Ghost blog for your business (specialities include travel, science, nature, wildlife, ecology, conservation, expat life, academic life).

If you are interested in teaming up on a project, please feel free to contact me any time.

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