Travel bugs: not so much a case of itchy feet, as itchy all over

Before I start this post, I’m going to have to do something that I never ever do (well almost never). I am going to gloat.

This week I saw Sir David Attenborough talk, live in the flesh, for free! My hero (well isn’t he everyone’s?). He spoke for one thoroughly entertaining hour about Birds of Paradise and how they helped Alfred Wallace develop his theories on natural selection, giving anecdotes of his expeditions to find and film them and then had the auditorium laughing at videos showing their crazy courtship rituals. He also answered questions, including one about what his future travel plans were, to which he responded that he had already been to several countries on four continents this year including both the South Pole and the North Pole!

And I thought I was a travel bug. The man is 84 years old! May he live to 120!

David Attenborough
Bryan Ledgard / Foter

So speaking of travel bugs (I hope you will appreciate the beauty of this segue-way in a moment) Cam and I just got back from another little sojourn; a week in beautiful Portugal.

Now don’t get me wrong, this was a good week and I had a fun time. We swam and surfed and got to see some of the Rip Curl Pro (i.e. Kelly Slater, Taj Burrows and Co surfing). We visited castles and ate amazing seafood and were treated to lots of delicious food and great wine (Vinho Verde is my new favourite white) by my lovely family in Lisbon and Porto. But it would have been a brilliant week if it wasn’t for a few little bugs in the plans. Actually, more like a whole army of bugs – bed bugs! Eeeeek! These critters are horrible! I hope that none of you ever get eaten by them (and they do actually live on human blood), especially if you’re as sensitive as Cam.

Bed Bug!

Cam didn’t believe me after the first night when I said that I thought the bites on my arms were bed bugs (there were only a few at this stage) and offered to take the infested bed for himself on the second night. Alas, the bugs, now invigorated from the previous night’s helping of Shelly blood, feasted on him. Unlike me, his histamine reaction turned the bites from red and incredibly itchy, as they were on me, into enraged huge ugly welt things (I will leave you to happily gross yourselves out Googling what they look like).

Anyway the poor boy, he looked a bit like a leper and was understandably mopy  I’m sure he scared off a few people in Portugal too: you should have seen their reactions to his poxy skin when he went to pay for something! Thankfully, all is well and healed now (at least the leper impersonation and the mopy part, but the spots are still there, two weeks later; nasty, nasty things).

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  1. The travel bug is a nasty little critter – once bitten never shy ! Seriously though Cam…harden up mate.

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