I like snow

I never thought I would say this, but I really wish it snowed more in Oxford. Being freezing and cold is so much more enjoyable when there are little white snowflakes falling from the sky and making everything look like a picture perfect winter wonderland.

About two weeks after my last weather related post in which I said it hadn’t gotten stupidly cold yet, it got stupidly cold. But even though the rest of the country was getting snowed on it wasn’t until this Wednesday morning that I woke to see that Oxford was snowing and our little back courtyard and my bike were all covered in snow (not much snow, but well and truly enough for my “I grew up in the tropics” inner child). Instantly my grumbles about the cold grey weather (which are becoming a regular morning mantra now) stopped and I was happy!

Oxford snow

I was also happy to find out when I got to work that I wasn’t the only one excited and that even the folk with considerable snow-cohabiting experience were also excited about the first snow of the season.

But now just two days later it’s all gone, and its back to just being stupidly cold with no reason. So here’s hoping for more snow.

I like snow.

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