Debating The Motion: inside an Oxford Union debate

If there is one thing that the British excel at, it is polite disagreement. Their ability for vehement, yet civilised, argument is simply beyond par (for an example, just watch In the Loop). Perhaps it is not surprising then, to l...

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Happy Gregorian New Year!

Unbelievable! Somehow, 2012 is ending! We are well and truly at the pointy end of the year. There are only a few more weeks to tie up all those loose ends and tick off all those tasks on the “to-do” lists. This is that time of yea...

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On my way to online barfly

When I chose to embark on my new journey to successful writer-hood, I was aware from the outset that I would need to spend a substantial part of my days writing (yep, I’m not just a pretty face folks). What I didn’t realise, howev...

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Old Year, New Year

So Christmas is well and truly over, but here’s how it went. More snow (Yay!). London. Good Friends. And a four day cooking and eating and drinking extravaganza, culminating in a massive and delicious Christmas dinner, replete wit...

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I like snow

I never thought I would say this, but I really wish it snowed more in Oxford. Being freezing and cold is so much more enjoyable when there are little white snowflakes falling from the sky and making everything look like a picture...

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