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I have travelled to more than 30 countries and have lived in five of them. I have three passports and speak three languages. I have chased howler monkeys through Mayan ruins in the Mexican jungle, trapped devils in the wilds of Tasmania, ringed birds in the cold, wet English woods and even poked a crocodile with a pole to save a Greater Fishing Bat from imminent doom.

I have surfed the east coast of Australia, kayaked white water in Thailand, snow boarded powder in Canada, hiked in Andalusia in summer, and trekked for eight days through the Tasmanian wilderness. I’ve been bitten by bed bugs, and had my bag and passport stolen (OK, so they were my boyfriend’s but as we were travelling together they may as well have been mine).

I have backpacked for a year with less than 15 kg, but have also travelled with heels and a hair straightener. And I’ve managed all this while studying or working full-time and squeezing in a PhD.

So chances are if you have a travel question I can answer it.

What else can I do for you?

* Write copy (reviews, articles, features) for your website

* Edit your writing / web copy (I am an editor with the Edanz Group)

* Ghost blog for your business (specialities include travel, science, nature, wildlife, ecology, conservation, expat life, academic life).

If you are interested in teaming up with me on a project please feel free to contact me any time

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