• Glow with the Flow

    Glow with the Flow

    Here’s a sneak preview of my latest article published in 72&Rising Magazine.   There are lots of other great articles in this brilliant magazine and some absolutely spectacular photography. So make sure you download the latest edition – Volume 3.3 OUT NOW! Don’t miss out....

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  • Living Spain Magazine Story

    Living Spain Magazine Story

    Have a read of my latest article published this month in Living Spain Magazine: Roaming around Ronda. I totally fell in love with little gorgeous southern Spanish hill town and will probably put up another blog post about it too in the near future. Here’s a link to the whole story :  FinalPDF_...

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  • Istanbul Odyssey: A Turkish Delight

    Istanbul Odyssey: A Turkish Delight

    Two weeks ago I returned from a fabulous, but all too brief, holiday in Turkey, during which time I spent 4 days in Istanbul. When I returned I immediately set about capturing my enthusiasm for this amazing city in a blog post (read below). Then just as I was about to post this on the website, the f...

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  • Malaga’s Feria de Agosto

    Malaga’s Feria de Agosto

    Like a moth to a naked flame, I am irrepressibly drawn to the carnival sounds of a horn section giving Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” a vigorous Latin-inspired lift. Gathered around the brass band is a sea of happy revellers, singing and dancing in the street. A mass of arms, holding hats and flut...

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Solstice at Stonehenge: the world keeps on turning

Sunshine in England is cause enough for celebration. But a bright golden morning on the winter solstice on the day the world was meant to end is definitely a reason to rejoice. And at Stonehenge this morning, as the first honey-or...

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The Best Ever Travelling Music Playlist!

Hey peeps, this post has a surprise in store for you: “The Best Ever Travelling Music Playlist!” But you are going to need Spotify now to listen to it (so go get it). A long time ago when Cam and I were still in the fi...

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Heading to Reading? A 48-hour minute travel guide

Those of you following this blog will know that I recently became a citizen of the UK, a situation that allowed me to apply for a British passport. Now in Britain when you apply for your first passport you are legally required to...

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Think you’re adventurous? Think again.

I am humbled. Inspired, but humbled. I have just spent the evening in the company of true adventurers. 20 of them. You and I might think that backpacking through Asia is adventurous. You and I might consider hiking Tasmania’...

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God Save My Queen?

It was a grey uninspiring Thursday afternoon in Oxford, normal in every respect expect one. I was getting my photo taken with the Queen, resplendent in her glittering crown, jewelled gown, and royal blue sash. Well OK, not exactly...

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