• Glow with the Flow

    Glow with the Flow

    Here’s a sneak preview of my latest article published in 72&Rising Magazine.   There are lots of other great articles in this brilliant magazine and some absolutely spectacular photography. So make sure you download the latest edition – Volume 3.3 OUT NOW! Don’t miss out....

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  • Living Spain Magazine Story

    Living Spain Magazine Story

    Have a read of my latest article published this month in Living Spain Magazine: Roaming around Ronda. I totally fell in love with little gorgeous southern Spanish hill town and will probably put up another blog post about it too in the near future. Here’s a link to the whole story :  FinalPDF_...

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  • Istanbul Odyssey: A Turkish Delight

    Istanbul Odyssey: A Turkish Delight

    Two weeks ago I returned from a fabulous, but all too brief, holiday in Turkey, during which time I spent 4 days in Istanbul. When I returned I immediately set about capturing my enthusiasm for this amazing city in a blog post (read below). Then just as I was about to post this on the website, the f...

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  • Malaga’s Feria de Agosto

    Malaga’s Feria de Agosto

    Like a moth to a naked flame, I am irrepressibly drawn to the carnival sounds of a horn section giving Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” a vigorous Latin-inspired lift. Gathered around the brass band is a sea of happy revellers, singing and dancing in the street. A mass of arms, holding hats and flut...

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On my way to online barfly

When I chose to embark on my new journey to successful writer-hood, I was aware from the outset that I would need to spend a substantial part of my days writing (yep, I’m not just a pretty face folks). What I didn’t realise, howev...

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Feasting on world music and Portuguese food

Hugh Masekala, the bald, charismatic, multi-instrumentalist septuagenarian with the wizened face and playful eyes, has just finished demanding a more just and peaceful world for all humanity, where people of all colour and races w...

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Acre: a living historical monument

The ancient port of Acre (Akko in Hebrew, or Akka in Arabic), with its heavily fortified sea walls and imposing hilltop citadel, juts out defiantly from Israel’s coastline into the sapphire waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Standin...

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The Paris Catacombs: Empire of the Dead

The Catacombs of Paris are “a maze of tunnels and crypts underneath the city streets containing the bones of more than 6 million dead Parisians, arranged in aesthetically designed patterns and shapes and designed to be a tourist a...

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Dare to stare back.

In my travels, I have heard numerous tourists bemoan the inter-cultural stare: that intimidating, creepy continuous eye-balling that follows and probes the unwary traveller on their travels.  But, after decades of travelling in a...

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